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Sensors, transducers and detectors are devices that sense, convert and transfer information about an environment into a readable form. You can further refine your specific search using the category(ies) below:

Acoustic and Audio Equipment

Acoustic and audio equipment are devices used for measuring, transmitting, and controlling sound levels and frequency.

Chemical Sensors

Chemical sensors used to analyze material samples, or their components, and record data specific to the application.

Displacement Sensing Devices

Displacement sensing devices are used to detect or measure changes in displacement.

Electrical and Electromagnetic Sensing Devices

Electrical and electromagnetic sensing devices detect and measure electrical and electromagnetic signals.

Encoders and Resolvers

Encoders and resolvers are motion feedback devices providing position and velocity information to closed-loop control systems.

Environmental Sensors

Include environmental scanners, detectors, gauges, meters, and other devices.

Flow Sensing Devices

Flow sensing devices or flow measurement instruments are used to determine flow rate.

Force Sensors

Include Instruments, sensors and equipment for measuring static or dynamic force or torque.

Gas Sensing Devices

Gas sensing devices measure the amount of a specific gas or gases in a given environment.

Humidity and Moisture Sensors

Humidity and moisture sensors are instruments, sensors, and indicators of moisture.

Level Sensing Devices

Devices that are used to detect or measure level of liquids, gases or solids.

Pressure Sensing Devices

Devices for measuring or controlling the pressure applied to a surface.

Proximity Sensors

A proximity sensor is a sensor able to detect the presence of nearby objects without any physical contact.

Sensor Mounts

Sensor mounts are specialty hardware used to support and position sensors.

Temperature Sensors

Devices that are designed to detect or measure changes in temperature.

Tension Sensing Devices

Tension sensing devices are instruments,sensors and controllers that measure, monitor or adjust tension.

Velocity Sensing Devices

Instruments and controllers that measure, monitor or adjust velocity or speed.