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Inspection tools and instruments are devices for metrology, inspection and quality control of dimensional features, internal and external flaws, surface characteristics and other industry specialized parameters. You can further refine your specific search using the category(ies) below:


Calipers are measuring tools that typically use a precision slide or threaded screw for inside, outside, depth or step measurements.

Digital Readouts

Digital Readouts (DROs) are small display units usually for position and dimensional readings from gauges, scales or sensors.

Dimensional And Profile Scanners

Dimensional and profile scanners acquire two-dimensional or three-dimensional information about an object.

Dimensional Gages And Instruments

Dimensional gages and instruments measure an object's dimensional and feature characteristics.

Dimensional Indicators and Comparators

Dimensional indicators and comparators are devices that measure the amplified change in linear movement of a precision spindle or probe.

Distance Meters

Measuring tools are used to measure the distance between two locations or objects.

Machine Alignment Equipment

Machine alignment equipment is used to align rotating or moving parts and machine components.


Micrometers are instruments sometimes known as a micrometer screw gauge or mcirometer caliper are are instruments that incorporate a calibrated screw and are used for precise measurement of small distances.

Pi Tapes

Pi Tapes are used to measure the diameter of an object.