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Connectors are used to conduct and transfer signals (electrical, optical, rf, etc.) or power between cables and/or devices. You can further refine your specific search using the category(ies) below:

Electrical Connectors

Electrical connectors are devices that join electrical circuits together.

Electrical Receptacles

Electrical receptacles accept plugs and provide current to run electrical devices.

Modular Connectors And RJ Connectors

Modular connectors and RJ connectors are two similar but distinct data and communications connectors.

Power Plugs

Power plugs are male connectors used to distribute power to electrical devices.

Slip Rings

Slip rings are devices that provide a continuous rotary transmission of electrical signal and power.

Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks are modular, insulated blocks that secure two or more wires together.

Wire-To-Board Connectors

Wire-to-board connectors are used to interconnect printed circuit boards.