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Surplus New And Used Web Handling And Processing Equipment

Web handling and processing equipment include equipment, components (and their parts) used in converting continuous webs of paper, plastic films, foils, textiles, non-wovens, or laminates. You can further refine your specific search using the category(ies) below.

Air Knives

An industrial air knife is a pressurized air plenum containing a series of holes or continuous slots through which pressurized air exits.

Anti-Telescoping Plates

Anti-telescoping plates prevent most materials from telescoping away from the core.

Beta Gauges, Gamma Gauges and X-Ray Gauges

Beta, gamma, and x-ray gauges can be used for measuring thickness, basis weight and coat weight.

Central Impression Drums

Central Impression Drums are precision spiral fluted chill rolls used on CI flexogaphic presses.

Core Adapters

Core adapters allow you to quickly convert rolls with different size cores to the same shaft.

Core Chucks

Core chucks typically expand to grip the inner diameter of a core.

Core Shafts, Air Shafts and Rewind Shafts

Core Shafts, Air Shafts and Rewind Shafts used to support and hold rolls or reels of web-fed materials.

Core Strippers

Core strippers mechanically strip/remove remaining material on a core by unwinding the material off.

Corona Treater Parts and Components

Parts and Components to corona treaters.

Corona Treaters and Plasma Treaters

Corona treaters and plasma cleaners are used to improve adhesion of adhesives, paints, inks and other coatings.


Decurlers remove curl in a flexible web or substrate.

Die Cutters

Die cutters, die cutting machines, or clicker presses, convert web or sheet materials into shapes.

Doctor Blades And Doctor Blade Holders

Doctor blades are metal blades used for scraping off excess ink or coatings from a printing or coating roll and typically require a doctor blade holder.

Edge Guide Controls and Control Systems

Edge guide controls and controls systems provide precise control over the lateral positioning of edge/web guides.

Edge Guide Sensors

Edge guide sensors are used to detect the position of a moving web.

Edge Guides

Edge guides (web guides) are part of an edge guide system used in a web process for lateral tracking.

Embossing Equipment

Embossing equipment is used to create a raised pattern on a material.

Knife Boxes

Knife Boxes are used to setup male and female knives for precision cutting of a web.

Knives and Knife Holders

Knives and knife holders for web converting machinery.

Lay-On Roll Assemblies & Components

Lay-On Roll Assemblies and Components.

Nip Roll Assemblies

Nip roll Assemblies (or pinch roll assemblies) are commonly used to establish web tension zones or to compress, squeeze or laminate one or more substrates in a converting process.

OEM Slitter Rewinder Parts & Components

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) slitter rewinder spare and replacement parts and components.

Pilot Coaters

Pilot coaters are research and development smaller scale machines for product development use. 

Plastic Bag Making Machines

Plastic Bag Making Machines transform a continuous plastic material into plastic bags.

Process Rolls and Rollers

Used in the continuous processing of flexible web media, including printing and converting applications.

Safety Chucks

Safety chucks are quick coupling devices for mounting shafts.

Splice And Web Break Detectors

Splice and web break detectors are quality control technologies used to detect splices (joints) or breaks in a moving web.

Splice Boards

Splice boards are used to butt splice web materials for roll changeovers in a continuous web process.

Trim Choppers

Used to reduce continuous web trim materials into smaller pieces.

Trim Removal Systems

Trim removal systems help remove and collect waste generated when trimming the edge of a continuous web.

Turn Bars

Turn bars are used to flip a web over or change its path or direction.


Unwinds are used to hold and unwind roll-based materials.