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Surplus New And Used Process Rolls And Rollers

Process rolls and rollers are used in the continuous processing of flexible web media, including printing and converting applications. They are typically used to carry, form, laminate, or handle flexible webs of plastic film, paper, foils, laminates and other flexible web materials. In addition to printing and converting applications, process rolls and rollers are used in the food processing and paper mill industries.

Bowed Rolls

Bowed rolls, including fixed and adjustable bowed rolls.

Chill Rolls

Used as heat transfer and finishing devices in continuous web applications.

Grooved Rolls

Grooved rolls are process rolls used in converting and paper making.

Idler Rolls

Idler rolls are used to convey a continuous web through a process.

Knurled Rolls and Rollers

Knurled rolls and rollers are rolls that have a pattern cut in the surface to reduce slippage of a web.

Plasma Coated Rolls and Rollers

Plasma coated rolls and rollers provide exceptional wear and corrosion resistance.

Roll Covers

Roll covers provide impact protection for process rolls and rollers.

Rubber-Covered Rolls

Rubber-covered rolls are used in a wide variety of continuous web applications.

Spreader Rolls

Used in almost all web processing systems that require web spreading before critical components.

Vacuum Pull Rolls

Vacuum pull rolls are typically used for isolating web tension and controlling web travel.