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Surplus New And Used Knives And Knife Holders

Knives and knife holders for converting machinery, including knives and knife holders for slitters, sheeters, and inline slitting and trim sections. You can further refine your specific search using the category(ies) below.

Female Knife Spacers

Female Knife Spacers allow for precise control over spacing of slits in a web.

Guillotine Knives

Guillotine knives for paper cutters.

Knife Shafts

Knife shafts are used to stack female (or bottom) knives and spacers for slitting and rewinding applications.

Sheeter Knives

Knives used in rotary and dead knife sheeters.

Slitter Knife Holders

Slitter knife holders, including shear, score, and razor.

Slitter Knives

Slitter knives can include shear, score (crush), and razor knives.

Stop Collars

Stop Collars are used to secure knives and knife holders and spacers to a knife shaft.